First Impressions

So I've been riding the Scrambler for a couple weeks now, and although I've only put on around 300 miles I have to say that I'm rather impressed. The handling is nimble and responsive, the powerband is snappy but not overpowering, and the looks speak for themselves. However, there is always some room for improvement. 

First off, the ergonomics. I'm 6'1" tall and I found the riding position to be a little short for my liking. I think the seat height could be raised an inch or two, and the bars are too high and too far back in my opinion. In my normal riding posture my hands had to bend upwards to reach the bars, this combined with the natural engine vibration led to some numbness in my hands after only 20-30 minutes of riding. This will need to be addressed. 

Secondly, I took an evening ride with my girlfriend a few nights back and she thought the passenger grab bars being located under the seat and behind her center of gravity to be a little unsettling. Not bad for riding around town, but for any sort of highway riding you'll need to make some better provisions for riding two-up. 

Finally, it could be me but the suspension (especially the rear) was a bit on the harsh side. 95% of the riding around town was just fine, but occasionally I'd hit a pothole and it would really send a jolt up my spine. 

But enough about me, where do you guys think the Scrambler could be improved?


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