The Scrambler Has A Date With The Laser Scanner

The first step to making the best fitting parts possible is having great data to start with. Back in the day this would require a lot of hand measuring, a lot of trial and error to get the proper fit. However, with today's technology it's possible to get part resolutions of less than 0.001" and accuracy of +/- 0.001-.004". It's not a cheap process, but the quality of the results can't be beat. 


We brought the bike down to Exact Metrology and booked some time on their Romer arm setup. After about  3 hours of scanning an some additional post-processing work we gathered some amazingly accurate NURBS surfaces and parametric data points using the probe. We're going to use this data to make the most accurate parts and accessories on the market, the details of which will all be revealed in the upcoming weeks. 

Here's a little sneak peak of the completed scan work. Now its time to get busy on the CAD box... stay tuned for more details!


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